Business Transfer Model 4 – Takeover by Workers

Steps to a successful business transfer:

Step 1 – Deciding to move forward

Research and reading, worker ownership succession options workshop (for owner and their leadership team), initial owner conversation with employees

Step 2 – Getting ready: employee training and business valuation

Financial training for employees, business and industry training, cooperative trainings for employees, business valuation process, business valuation or owner’s price, determine financing options, review and revise current business plan.

Step 3 –  Defining structures

Document current management plan, draft cooperative by-laws, define post-transition management

Step 4 – Finalize the transition

Transfer business ownership, negotiate final price, seek financing, future members approve final price and financing, structure, complete the transaction, transfer governance and elect new board, transfer management as necessary.

Step 5Follow through and monitoring

Possible ongoing training with current employees.


Business Transfer Model 4 – Takeover by a Workers´ Cooperative